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                                             More than Survival



Shepherd's Green Sanctuary

is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt Association located in Cookeville, Tennessee. It has been accredited by the American Sanctuary Association since 2002.  It has been a 501(c)3 charity since 1996, in the early years known as Engelschwein Farm, the name being changed later to Shepherd's Green Sanctuary.  It is certified annually by the Secretary of State of Tennessee to operate as a charitable business. It is governed by an all volunteer board of directors and guided in health matters by an advisory board of three veterinarians.

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Our Mission is Two-fold

  1. Sanctuary:  Our lifetime care facility encompasses 32 acres of mixed woods and meadows for the general population and 2 acres of special facilities devoted to those who for physical or psychological reasons are not competitive, or are elderly, disabled, chronically ill or receiving treatments or recovering from surgeries or illnesses.
    Since most of the pigs in the sanctuary come in before their fifth birthday, they spend the majority of their lives here. They reside with their families and choose their herd mates as long as they are able to do so and remain healthy and comfortable.  It is, for them, a progressive care environment where they move along a path of best "fit" in terms of herd size, diet, sleeping quarters and medical care. No pig leaves the sanctuary except to visit the vet
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  2. Outreach: Our Helping Hoof program provides support, guidance and financial assistance for the retention and lifestyle improvement of privately held pigs. Funds are raised annually to provide medical care, habitat correction, spay/neuter and transportation costs for pigs in need. We are frequently involved in major national rescues to assist in organizing and raising funds for essential health needs. The program has been assisting pigs in distress since 2002.  More about Outreach p_flower_yellow.gif

Shepherd's Green Board Officers and Directors

Peggy Glover Couey

Executive Dir

Michele Alford


Jackie Wagoner



Denise Hilton

 Tammery Ray

Diane Watchinski

Tracey Zahn




Veterinary Board of Advisors


Richard Wearing; Exotics

Ragland & Riley Veterinary Hospital

Livingston,TN     931-498-3153

Brandon Dixon

Volunteer Veterinary Hospital

Hendersonville, TN   615-824-8411

Sarel van Amstel

Chief Veternarian & Professor

University of TN Large Animal


Learn in depth details about us by clicking below. You will be viewing the information gathered through legal and financial documents for the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, including information updated by  CFMT through site visits and regular updates of records.

We are proud that we have been selected this year as in year's past from thousands of applicants to receive support from the Community Foundation

More information on charitable endowments, bequests or other planned gifts through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, or by calling The Community Foundation at 615-321-4939

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is through public donations, local fundraising, Internet fundraising, foundations, bequests and grants.
If you wish to assist in any way, financially or with the gift of time, please contact us. Click on the Help button below to see our needs and means of support.  It will save lives, we promise you.

Your Donations: Helping us help them to a better life.. a life that's  more than survival

Donations, grants, matching funds from payroll deductions and all other kinds of charitable gifts are fully tax deductible to the limits allowed by the IRS for charities. You may check our Non-Profit status below with the IRS and the state of Tennessee under the  EIN # 63-1617521 or by name.

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