Helping Hoof Application

Complete  the form below and we will review it for assistance. At this time we  provide Spay (limited to rescues)  and Neuter assistance nationwide. Habitat assistance is for Tennessee pigs but assistance may be available through a sanctuary or organization in your area and we can refer you to a program near you.  

Spay/neuter assistance:

In Tennessee we use several very experienced vets  and a procedure is in place for scheduling appointments.  In other areas we will contact your vet to make the financial arrangements before you schedule. If your vet does not do surgery on pigs we will ask for recommendations. Frequently the best place ends up being the vet school in your state.  A discounted rate may be negotiated..  Typically we pay  1/2 of the procedure , up to  $75 on normal neuters; $100 on cryptorchids; $100 on  uncomplicated spays, $125 on complex spays. In all procedures the pigs must be fully under sedation or anesthesia (no farm style neuters) and isoflourine or other appropriate gas must be used for females. Also we require for adult pigs that pain meds be given before release .  A minimum of one night of hospitalization is expected  for adult females and with a complicated spay up to 5 days may be in her best interest.

There may be additional charges for  trimming feet / tusks  and vaccinations. These are  the responsibility of the owner.

Before scheduling procedures read the pre and post surgery information so you will know what to do before and after the procedure. It is critical that a pig who has just had surgery be handled carefully and not lifted or forced. More information on safe travel is found in the Pig Rescue section.

Please copy the following info and paste it with your responses into an email and send. If it gives you a server error message just send an email with this information your request.





How many pigs do you have?

Are these pigs rescues? From whom?

Are they all  s/n?

Indoor/ Outdoor or both?

If outdoors, how large (in feet ) is their area or is it pasture?

Are your pigs exposed to dogs or horses?

Whay are you considering re-homing this pig?

How can we help your pig retain his home?

Do you have a regular vet for your pig? Contact info.

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