Shepherd's Green Outreach Programs


             Our Outreach program, the Helping Hoof,  provides support, guidance and financial assistance for the retention and lifestyle improvement of privately held pigs. When all efforts to save a home fail we provide a network of safe placements for as many pigs as possible. Funds are raised annually to provide medical care, habitat correction, spay/neuter and transportation costs for pigs in need.

Housing and fences kept these pigs safe and warm

Spaying and neutering kept the problem of overpopulation and reproductive disease controlled                    


Note: Spay and neuter funds are limited. 2014 has been exhausted. Neuters will receive priority funding in 2015.


  Shepherd's Green Intern Program   Teaching those who will be caring for pigs in the future.

Every year we select 3 or 4 from the many applications to spend a few weeks to a few months learning about the history, handling and heartache of these special pigs.  The program started in 2003 with Nisa Tawjareon (left) who spent several months at the original sanctuary and has since been a good friend, returning when we have special needs that she can so aptly address. She has helped to shape the intern program as it developed.

Every  intern, from Oregon to NH to the UK, have been instrumental in furthering the goals of the sanctuary as they studied it's residents' needs.

Our vets generously provide surgical observation days to acquaint them with the real world of medicine.  




Rainbow Bridge Memorial Site:    Dedicated to those  friends who have passed on, leaving us with the  bittersweet joy of having loved them.  We maintain a roster for loved ones of all kinds and plant fruit and nut trees at the sanctuary in their memory.