Seasons Greetings from all the Piggies

Christmas Season 2003; written by Lisa Shappley

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the sty    The Potbellies hoped that some food was close by    Their stockings were hung from a nail by the door   And all had their names, some sows and some boars       They soon bedded down all snug in the hay    While visions of apples kept coming their way    For apples were one of their favorite treats   Although there is much that they liked to eat.   When out from a stall there arose a loud grunting    One of the piggers was desperately hunting    A crumb or a morsel - just one more small bite   Is all that he needed to get through the night.    He rooted and rooted around on the floor    But soon realized there must be no more    So off to his bed he decided to go  And soon he was dreaming of things he loved so.     He dreamed of a trough that was floating with treats    All that he wanted - even candy so sweet      He ate and he ate  - he savored each bite      What a wonderful dream  What a wonderful night !         And then the next day when the piggers did rise        They squealed with delight at the Christmas suRprise!     Their stockings were filled up with candy and fruit.      Their tails were all wagging, they started to root.      Their snouts how they twitched, their eyes they did shine        With juice on their jowls they were such happy swine!      Their bellies were growing and getting more round            And soon they would all be dragging the ground.       But that didn't matter how chubby or plump             For piglets became with fat on their rump               And they knew if they had been treated this way      They would always be dear, as they were Christmas Day!!