Pig Christmas celebration

Long before Shepherd's Green existed there were pigs and Pig Christmas at Dragonwood Farm

A good day, in fact the best day of their year! These little ones have more food in front of them than they can eat. They start out grabbing it in competitive style, then realize the piles weren't going down very fast so they  get selective, maybe a cookie, no, maybe a banana, no I think pasta.... yes, pasta will be good .. with whipped cream!!!! 

As they get full they walk by and look but decide to save some for a snack later. If you look out at dawn the day after Pig Christmas, you will see some opportunistic little pigs getting a "leftovers" breakfast, before their regular breakfast!  Others take something to bed with them.

The Christmas Fundraiser begins December 1st

This year's Christmas  photos of the feast will be posted here the week after Christmas and stay  until next year.



For a delightful Pig's Eye View of the Night Before Christmas...