Pigmas 2010 pictures.

It started like this...   a little snow looking pretty , and the longer the day went on the darker, colder, windier and more snowy it got.

I started at 9 Am with the special needs groups, the Littles and the yard pigs.. and at 2:30 I finished at the farm pigs field and I am sure they thought they would NEVER get theirs!!  (Could be what Daisy was singing about ..see photo..) Between feeding and dumping snow and chopping ice, there wasn't an extra hand for the video camera but I got these pictures with my phone. And despite the weather, the pigs had a marvelous time, eating until they got so picky there are still carrots out there this morning.

So here we go.. enjoy with me the 2010 Pigmas Feast!

SHYS dig in to their  Pigmas Delights

Hot Cooked foods for the elders and special needs

Special needs pigs, Bella, Dickey, Cornfed, Gilligan, Pandora



Elders Sam and Waco

Stella, in the SHYS herd, can't decide which is best, apples or candy

Lilly in isolation, healing an ankle injury, loves the cooked veggies but doesn't thionk she has eaten without pellets added.

The Littles eat fruit between the berry beds. Hot pasta was on the other side.. They would dash from

one side to the other.

Main herd eats in the barn out of the cold.

Lost Feather and Honey in foreground

Daisy sings a few carols


Homer and Dweezil take a mouthful and go up a

level to eat out of the competition

What ? Pig Christmas in the snow??

Fine with me! says Mountian pig Tommy  

Suzette tasting each one

Maizy will take any apple you have,

cooked, not cooked, big or little..

leaving everything else to eat them

Jerry and Pretty Petunia in SP2

Petunia NC, Bobby E and William

share a holiday streusel loaf

William off to check on the next meal seating

Jerry Oreo and Pretty Petunia

Harpo & Lucky says Thoinks, with every bite..

SHYS, Winkie, Surprise and Kermit


It was a very filling Pigmas!!