Pig Christmas 2009



It was a bright and beautiful winter day,just perfect for our gathering of old and new friends who came to wish the pigs a Merry Pig Christmas.


The menu

  • 900 pounds of apples
  • 200 pounds of sweet potatoes (cooked)
  • 100 pounds of white potatoes (cooked)
  • 200 pounds of pears
  • 200 pounds of corn on the cob
  • 200 pounds of cabbage
  • 100 pounds of Kiwi, grapes and bananas (soft fruits for special needs)
  • 4 leaf bags full of popcorn
  • 200 pounds of pasties and breads
  • 150 pounds of cookies and candy

Below: A few pics of the Pigs enjoying their day

A few happy diners: From top left,

  • SP2 pen: Cedric (white) and Pretty Petunia, with Madison in the back and TJ on the left and PokePoke on the right.
  • Farm pigs herd
  • Special needs: Jiggers
  • PA pigs, Aggie
  • Special needs: HammiePie, in his early 20's he "shops the plate" to decide what he wants first.

More photos as guests send their pics in. Save this to your favorites and check back in a few days. This page will stay up until Dec 1 of next year when Pig Christmas 2010 begins. Thanks to all who made their day so special. You can visit the new website by taking the "home" route at the top of the page.

   Left, taken by Juanita, a favorite group of elders gathers around a holiday meal. All their food is cut up, mostly cooked and warm.. ah.. to be an elder pig is not so bad!!
Popcorn Trails


Fruits and more fruits for the main herd...

Popcorn Delivery:

We get several huge bags every year from a gentleman who is disabled.. he enjoys being a part of the festivities in his own special way.


                                          Jacob and Daisy

 Tempest gets a share