Pig Handling Essentials

# 1     The Ramp

Essential for safe, low stress loading

Shown here is my 10 year old 4 foot ramp, 16 inches wide with sides 18 inches tall and a removable bar to stabilize sides. Rubber mat is glued for slip-free walking  New easy to carry/store portable model now available. See photos of the portable model . Travels flat in the car, assembles in seconds when you need it. Ordering link is below.  

Wt. approx 45 pounds, custom built for $175 (inc ground shipping in US) . It's an investment you will never regret. It reduces stress so well that we had one built for the university vet school and donated it. Pigs coming home from surgeries should not be picked up or shoved around. Shown here is Strawberry, a 250 pound 14 year old mixed breed rescue, returning from spay surgery. She was not in good health, was overweight and up in years; the ramp made it  easy to get back to her quarantine pen without pain or risk.




Automatic vents open window or vent when temps rise above 70, close down when the afternoon cools.. no electric, no solar needed.


Item Info Source Go to
Kane Heaters, feeders, waterers, and other pig friendly products A one stop source for many products we use Kane Mfg www.kanemfg.com
Medical supplies, vaccines, antibiotics,   Stanfield Heaters A good source with quick shipping. Jeffers Livestock


Automatic vents Need a way to ventilate barns or pig house without any power of any kind? These are great! Opens and closes with ambient temperature ACF Little Greenhouse


go to ventilation, then to vents, on page two

Derramaxx Pain relief/anti-inflammatory

as with any pain meds, give acid reducer along with pain med; prescription required. Better than any other oral pain reliever. Heartland Vet Pharmacy www.heartlandvetsupply.com
Adequan to solve most arthritis problems Prescription; monthly Injectible, see your vet for purchasing. This is the ONLY product tested and proven to reverse the effects of arthritis Heartland Vet Pharmacy www.heartlandvetsupply.com
Treats, bulk Beware of any added selenium. Anything over .030 ppm is toxic to pigs. Jeffers Equine


Treats, for little pigs tasty, natural grains, small bite size PA Heartland www.PAheartland.com
Piggy Pools the only pool for a pig with disabilities and the best one for all pigs. Takes the "scare" out of a slippery bottom. Easy for disabled pigs to drink from. PA Heartland www.Paheartland.com
Dishes for arthritic pigs Frisbees/ rubber dishes with cutouts Dollar Tree/ Dollar Store (Frisbees) or buy rubber feed dish at TSC and cut out one side
Water dishes The hard rubber 2 gal bowls that are difficult to tip over Jeffers Livestock/ TSC www.Jeffers.com
Stockman's Handbook The farmer's "bible", everything you need to know about running a farm from livestock corrals to overseeding pastures Amazon Books (used books for bargains) www.amazon.com
Ramp for loading A must for safe loading Custom Built Email Jason Lotz
Pig pusher wire We tossed out the plastic pusher boards and even our lightweight canvas one once we started using these. We make two sizes. one for open fields and fast pigs.. one for close work Cattle or hog panels from Tractor Supply Co. or any farm supply
Half crate for moving sick or injured pigs in and out of fields and vehicles Drill two holes into the front panels of the bottom half of a pet crate to install ropes to pull with.
Wormers and other useful farm stuff at good prices, good service. Nelson water timers available there. Neeps Lawn and Garden www.neeps.com
Parts for ATVs, utility vehicles bikes and golf carts Honest people getting you the best prices. Can't beat that.

Tim and Jennifer will be glad to help you




Printing The best place on the web for cheap printing Where we get our calendars and newsletters done.  Color Copies at Cheap Prices | Color Printing, Copying, Booklets/td>