New Portable chute/ ramp. See photos of assembling below.

Made in 3 pieces for easy handling and storage in the car or at home. Goes together in seconds, brackets with clips hold it securely. Stabilizer bar (optional use)  protects from side to side pressure if you are loading a very resistant pig who wants to turn around and pushes against the sides.

A chute provides secure, safe loading for a sick pig or one who does not wish to be moved. When an emergency happens and you have to get the pig loaded and to the hospital, this ramp is the easiest, most certain way to do so. Safer for him, easier for you.

Built by Jason Lotz, a pig steward who knows how difficult moving pigs can be and set about to make a lightweight portable ramp that doesn't break your back to lift it. You will love this essential piece of pig equipment.

Summer special coupon .. take $50 off the cost of the ramp this summer (June-Aug) . Email me    object_02.jpg  your  shipping address and I will email you a coupon to use when you order.


Portable ramp assembles in seconds.

Folded flat in 3 pieces for easy moving. No section weighs more than 10 pounds.

Lay bottom on the ground. Insert sides' legs into brackets Finished assembly  Also comes with (optional use) clips to make legs immovable when assembled and bar that stabilizes chute from side to side  movement

Stabilizer bar below, (shown hooked over fence) goes across the top and clips (4) not shown, hold legs in place.


Ramp is 16 inches wide and sides are 2 feet tall.


We throw a rubber mat on the ramp for use . A slick floor can be scary but a nailed down mat makes the ramp heavy. Use a good heavy mat that won't slide.


Ordering Info:

If using check or money order, order directly from Jason at and be sure to give him the coupon number so he can be reimbursed from us for the $50.

If you want to pay by credit card or through Paypal you can order through us and we will pay Jason.